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Helia has been delivering technology support in Alberta since 2006. We started in Edmonton and expanded to Calgary in 2009. Our expertise is ensuring your technology infrastructure remains stable and reliable.

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We invest heavily in the right tools and the right training. We believe that having the right tools and training ensures that we can deliver reliable service to our customers right the first time.

Helia, Your Reliable Partner

We deliver reliably because we have reliable partners. The equipment we choose to deliver is equipment and manufactures that we have learned to trust over time. We're familiar with how to configure and install it to give you infrastucure you can depend on.

Our Helia Health software is deployed as part of our onboarding process. It ensures we're able to respond quickly and reliably to changes in your server, desktop, network and wifi infrastructure and maintain a stable platform for you at all times.

IT Warranty on Harware


All of the products we represent carry a full manufacturer’s warranty. We encourage upgrading to a three year next day warranty on all critical equipment.

Top IT Service in Calgary


Our customer's equipment is protected with our Helia Health agents which allow us to immediately resolve issues remotely. Remote service is in 15 minute increments. Onsite support is a 90 minute minimum. Inclusive plans allow a flat monthly fee.

IT Service Guarantee in Calgary


We guarantee that we will install the equipment correctly the first time. Whether it is phones, servers, networks or printers, when we're done your infrastructure will be reliable.

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Dependable IT Service for Businesses in Calgary's Industrial Areas

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