Buy Refurbished Commercial Grade Desktop and Laptop Computers

A good quality office computer will cost between $1000 - 1800. This doesn't include the monitor, surge protecting power bar or UPS, network and monitor cables. Most companies on a budget will instead buy a home grade computer at $600 - $800 and end up with a system that has a much shorter lifespan and higher maintenance costs.

Helia offers office-grade refurbished lease-back computers to our clients. These computer often come from oil and gas or other large companies who invest in the better computers but have fully depreciated their cost and so are replacing them. These computers are high quality computer at a fraction of the cost.

Why We Recommend Refurbished Computers & Laptops to our Customers

Important Features of Office-Grade Computers

Commercial grade servers, laptops and computers have better components that will last longer. They are also more upgradable and thats why we recommend them. DO NOT BUY CONSUMER GRADE REFURB EQUIPMENT. Consumer grade equipment is lower grade and will not last.

There are two things we look for with commercial desktop computers or laptops. 1) They must be at least an Intel i5 proccessor. 2) They must be upgradable to at least 16G. 3) They come with a "Professional" version of Windows and not a Home version. They These requirements ensure that the computer will perform well in the next few years in a business office. Many computers from 3-4 years ago were sold with 2G of memory. Today we only ship out computers with at least 8G of memory in them. Make sure your refurb can handle more memory.

Hard drives should also be given strong consideration of replacement. Hard drive to wear out and fail and so replacing them when you get your refurb is a good idea. No one like to loose files and data. We recommend replacing your storage with SSD or Solid State Drives. These are more expensive but will give a dramatic speed boost both at start up and also when using your computer.

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