Windows Server Support and Maintenance Plans Available

Helia offers standards-based professionally managed Windows systems administration for customer owned servers, both physical or virtual. Support services including planning, installation, configuration, server hardening, security patches and updates, troubleshooting, monitoring, documentation, assistance with implementing a data backup strategy that meets the business requirements of the customer.

Windows Server 2003 has recently ended all support from Microsoft. If you are using Windows Server 2003, Helia can help migrate you to the newer Server 2008, 2008R2 or Server 2012 and provide you with options.

Why Buy a Windows Server

Best for Quickbooks, easier management of printers, passwords, users, easier sharing and remote access, safer backup.


  • Predictable, cost-contained approach to physical and virtual server management.
  • Implementing a data backup strategy that meets the business requirements for the customer.
  • Providing application deployment and database administration.
  • Coordinating with other technology professionals and 3rd party vendors as needed.
  • Consistent implementation of security policies.
  • Providing system performance, monitoring, and troubleshooting.
  • Delivering expert operating system technical support, problem resolution and patch management.
  • Typical Server Support Request

    • Server Won't Boot
    • Performance and Diagnostics
    • Repair Server OS
    • Systems Management
    • Applications
    • Virtualization
    • Update Drivers & Firmware
    • Networking Issues


    Helia provides administrative and consultative support to Calgary business, concentrating on systems running modern versions of Linux, Windows Server and OS X Server operating systems. Technology consulting has a variety of custom contract support options.

    Our team handles your service request as a top priority above all other competing requests, after submitting a ticket or after a service alert is generated, during business hours.


    We go beyond normal system administration. Technology consulting emphasizes clear communication with our client and deference to the priorities and needs of our clients. We develop customized strategies for our clients, create documentation and establish strategies that go beyond just keeping the server up and running. We become an extension of your team.

    Helia works closely with your organization to determine needs, specify and help purchase equipment, install and configure equipment. This is not just for new systems, but for emerging technology needs and for periodic reviews.

    Standard Environments

    Our premier service provides end-to-end administration of your system with a concentrate on customer service and our role as IT consultants. We take care of planning, configuring, securing, maintaining and backing up the server. Most of our clients use this tier, which provides proactive monitoring and prioritized response times. Work is performed usually during normal business hours.

    Complex Environments

    Some environments are more complex, requiring additional management and incurring a supplemental charge. This may involve administering attached storage, like RAIDs or SANs, configuring fibre channel, iSCSI or networking switches, and assisting with some third party software applications.

    Support for Virtual Machines in the Cloud

    We provide support for remotely-accessed guest operating systems in the cloud, such as with Amazon's Cloud or Microsoft Azure. We do this with the same attention to detail. If you have your own VM host server our regular Comprehensive Support contract will provide the level of required service needed.


    We can configure your system to prevent data loss and to guard against unauthorized access. We do this while leveraging your other infrastructure such as directory access, account management, change management and vulnerability testing.

    Monitoring and Alerting

    Proactive monitoring includes automated measurements of CPU usage, disk space consumption, whether select programs are running and other metrics. We use a combination of enterprise programs to continuously monitor and measure the servers, storage and other devices, which helps us ensure uptime and availability of your server and data and to forecast upcoming needs

    We rely on our customers for things like keeping Helia educated of changes in your organization that affect billing and system access, approving system change requests, managing license codes, configuring and administering third party software (where appropriate), incident management and identifying authorized users.

    You can depend on Helia to inform you when work needs to be scheduled, updates are to be applied, reboots are necessary and when SSL certificates expire. We will provide information about your system, your backup policies and contingency planning. We will manage your server backups and do test restores.

    We recommend Windows Server 2012 Essentials. Download the Windows Server Essentials Datasheet

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