We also provide a Managed IT service that is all inclusive for a monthly price. Learn more about Managed IT Service

Office Computer Support

Our Basic IT Service is provided on contract for HELIA customers. We provided IT support for equipment on an as-needed basis. We deploy our Helia Health agent on each computer an server in the office. This agent has a license cost of $4.75 / computer / month. The agent allows us to collect historical health information about the computer and to provide remote support. The support agent is mandatory.

Our hourly service is billed in 15 minute segments however if an onsite visit is required, there is a 1.5 hour minimum charge. We will endevour to be productive while onsite and take care of any additional items for the full 1.5 hours.

>Regular Rates

Hourly Onsite - $125 / hr

Hourly Remote $78 / hr

Introductory Rate (First six months)

We expect that we will spend more time at your site initially as we learn about your company and infrastructure and you get to know us. To that end, we provide significant reductions to our rate for the first six months.

Introductory Rates

Hourly Onsite - $95 / hr

Hourly Remote - $55/ hr