Your Own IT Support Without a Fulltime Employee Commitment

Do you need more than a on-call IT person but don't want the committment of a full time employee? HELIA can help. We can put an experienced computer, network and server support person on the ground in your company for on day a month, one day a week or more.

Easy Management of your IT Department

We take care of all the HR. We ensure you get a competitent and committed IT support person that has the appropriate tools to keep your computers, network and servers running well. If you find the person is not a good fit for your company, simply call us and we'll quickly replace them for you.

Your IT person has a manager within HELIA. If you have any questions or need planning or changes, your HELIA manager is available to help.

Vacations, training, sick days are all taken care of. Unlike an employee where there is no backup, your HELIA onsite tech has a backup. There will be coverage of your site when your onsite tech is away. We also take care of training of your tech with the technologies they need to do their job well.

Support for the Support

Not every problem is easy. Who does your IT person turn to when they need support? With HELIA, our techs have a pool of experience they can turn to making resolution on the toughest issues quick and final.

Full 7 Days a Week Support Coverage

When your onsite IT person is not onsite, the HELIA network operation center (NOC) is available to help out. our NOC support people are able to resolve issues outside of your onsite tech's schedule and keep your systems working even when there is no onsite coverage. If an onsite call is required, our NOC tech will dispatch a tech to your site.

Best of Class Support Tools

HELIA is computer technology 365 days a year. We have invested in the best of class support tools and make those tools available to our customers and support staff. No need to investigate or try before you buy the tools you need. We already have them and available to you.

Good Pricing on Good Equipment

We buy all of our equipment at wholesale pricing from authorized distributors and pass that pricing on to our Daily-Rate customers at Cost-plus rates ensuring you always get a good price on equipment and supplies.

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